One thing that surprised me about Oahu was how few small businesses have websites. When searching for restaurants it was extremely hard for me to find a website. I had to rely on a few reviews spread out over Yelp, Google, Yahoo. Before I visit a restaurant I want to have some idea of how much money I’m going to spend… meaning I need to see an up to date menu. I’m not alone in this. More than half of the people searching online for restaurants will not go to a restaurant before seeing their menu.

Anyhow. I also ran across a few businesses that had extremely OLD LOOKING websites. Like, copyright 2002. These, in my opinion, are almost worse than having no website at all. It made me wonder if the business was closed down. How could a business go 16 years without updating their website?

If you have an old website, you’d be surprised how fast and easily a new one can be created. Let’s put your best foot forward!

Do you think it’s better to have a 20-year-old-looking website or no website at all?