Well, it’s still January, so I’ll jump on the bandwagon and talk about goals and resolutions. Truth be told, ANY month is a good month to talk about goals. Goals aren’t something that should be made once a year and then put on a shelf. You gotta look at them constantly so they get in your subconscious and you will find yourself doing things to move you towards your goals, almost without thinking about it.

But, first thing is first: Write your goals down. Yep, on a real piece of paper using your hand and a writing utensil. Only 3% of people have WRITTEN DOWN GOALS. These 3% also the top most successful people in the world (Coincidence? No).

Why do so many people resist writing down their goals? On New Year’s eve this year my spouse and I discussed our goals/resolutions for 2019 but we didn’t write them down. It’s only been 3 weeks, but I can only remember a couple of them now, and we both had a lot! How hard is it? You need these things:

  • A pen or pencil
  • A piece of paper or notepad
  • A hard, flat writing surface
  • A piece of tape (or 2)
  • 5 minutes

I’m gonna bet you have those things RIGHT NOW. If so, let’s get you in the top percentage of the population and get your goals written down. 

How many goals should you write down? There are various opinions on this of course. Brian Tracy recommends to write down every single goal you can think of and then choose the top 1 to 3 to focus on. Others recommend choosing 4 to 6 goals, one each in the categories of:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Family
  • Recreation
  • Personal Improvement
  • Home
  • Career

Or, keep it exceedingly simple. What ONE THING that you could accomplish this year would move you closest to all the things that you desire? 

I’ve given you 3 good options of how to proceed:

  1. Write down every goal you can possibly think of
  2. Write down one goal for several of the categories listed above
  3. Write down one goal that would improve every area of your life

Which one are you gonna do? Hurry up, decide right now!!! 

Now that you’ve decided, gather up your pen, paper, hard surface, tape and set aside 5 minutes. What time is it right now? You can literally be done in 5 minutes if you start… NOW!

Once you have your goals written down, tape them somewhere you will see them every day. Use the next couple of days to think about the goals you’ve written down and whether they can be improved or not. If you like your goals, make them SMART and write them in nicer handwriting and re-post.

Boom! You’re officially better than 96% of the population about setting concrete goals.

Now go out there and achieve them!!