There are so many aspects to developing a great reputation for your business. A great reputation comes from your customer service, the ambiance of your location, and your online presence. Reputation can be a hard thing to track and measure, but customers can certainly tell when a business has a bad reputation versus a good one. It’s a “Know It When You See It” type thing.

Today I want to talk about speed at your place of business. There are few things people value more than their time. Customers do not want their time to be wasted and they want any business they work with to have a SENSE OF URGENCY. Even for fine dining, where one doesn’t expect to be in and out within 25 minutes, customers still value speed. How fast is their beverage refilled? How quickly are they greeted upon their arrival?

So here are some factors you should keep in mind to make sure that customers experience the speed they desire in order for them to have a 5-star experience.

  • How quickly phone calls are picked up
  • How quickly voicemails are returned
  • How quickly emails are responded to
  • How quickly online reviews are addressed (either a “thank you!” or an apology!)
  • Ease and proximity of parking
  • How quickly they are acknowledged when stepping into your business
  • How quickly the transaction takes place
  • How quickly the product (food, merchandise, etc) is received

If a business doesn’t return my emails quickly, or doesn’t greet me within a few seconds of coming in the door, I’m very likely to choose a competitor the next time.

ACTION ITEM: Pick 3 things from the list above that you can track. Track those things for a week. Discuss with your team. Make improvements if necessary. The easiest ones are handling phones and emails and greeting customers. Let me know how it goes!